MOGA Project

 MOGA is a platform that integrates miles and coupons that are used differently in different stores and allows you to use cash anywhere in the world.   Miles received from department stores in the U.S. can be paid at restaurants in Hong Kong for food. We will have a system to use the MOGA using applications such as Alipay and Samsung Pay and using cards from any company.
 Although we have different languages and live different places, MOGA exists everywhere in the world. Feel the speciality of MOGA by turning on your cell phone right now.

 The MOGA project began with an unexpected request from a girl. DANIEL, the team's leader, is volunteering for children suffering from leukemia. One day the girl said, "My dream is to be a barista. When I was not sick, my mom usually had delicious coffee, but now she is having a hard time because of me. I want her to drink delicious coffee instead of that coffee that she drinks every day." And she showed me the coupons that she had collected. It was the coupons that the nurses gave her and it's on the second floor of the hospital, but these coupons were not used in Starbucks. Why not use? How disappointing to know that such hard collected coupons cannot be used elsewhere? I bought her a delicious cup of coffee with a letter at Starbucks. And I promised that she could get a good coffee elsewhere with his coupons.

It is difficult to replace cryptocurrency with cash. It’s because the price of cryptocurrency is formed by evaluation of its value. For example, if a buyer hesitates to purchase cryptocurrencies due to price rise and the seller does not change it to cash for the same reason, the cryptocurrency is the same as gambling that lose its value as money. The characteristic of MOGA is to use acquired mileage (MOGAD) like money after payment in cash. MOGA doesn’t have any problem since it is a coin with discount and accumulation features even if market volatility or regulation is severe. Have you ever imagined that you would like to use coffee coupons at a restaurant to eat some meals? Have you ever imagined that you wanted to buy accessories on the street, using the accumulated mileage after you bought something on the online market? MOGA will solve all of these problems.

It is pity to be hacked after investing in MOGA. Because legal regulations are not clear and it is almost impossible to recover the stolen coin or catch the culprit. All the damage is up to the hacked people. This happens online just as shoplifters always want our wallets on the streets. It is inevitable to be hacked by poor management of the exchange and personal carelessness. However, it is impossible to sell MOGAD on the exchange since it is a coin that cannot be sold. MOGAD cannot be used on exchanges because they are only for buying at stores or paying online. MOGAD is protected in the safest places. Because he becomes a criminal immediately and gets caught by the police.

 A company that has signed up with MOGA is able to purchase the MOGAD TOKEN. 1000 MOGAD is worth 1 USD. We'll pay cash at any time after three months of contract. Customers can always use MOGAD as cash in their MOGA affiliates.

Membership pee = 4ETH
Bonus = 2,000,000 MOGA
*When the sale ends, the bonus payment ends.

Membership pee ADDRESS
- 0xc3BAaFA75935344B33dB7FcD474710912424CF4F

If you want to join us, please contact us by telegram.




Airdrop Event - 5,000MOGA

- Join MOGA on telegram
- Say hello to everyone
- Capture the screen
- Send your captured screen  and wallet address to ADMIN


Daniel Kim




Community manager


Community manager


Marketing manager




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Five young men looked back the time they had passed, watching the girl's eyes.

Will the girl 's wish make the time we've lived worthwhile?

Will the girl's wish make us happy?

Will the girl's wish be the hope of children who are suffering from leukemia?

Let me start the story now.

In winter, five young people with different languages and places gathered for the project and planned MOGA TOKEN

Start Interviews with local stores and companies to check the potential of the project

Reconsider the project for the girl's dream after confirming of failure of only a few investments and dreams and passion
Reconsider the project for the girl's dream after confirming few investments

TOKEN Production and ICO Planning

Start ICO and issue MOGAD TOKEN(Non-distribute)

Participation of developers who are able to integrate mileage with coupons
Another project in progress will be put in December

Credit card terminal, real card, and application commercialization test
 (currently small and medium companies in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea are reviewing proposals)

Meet-up with franchise companies from each country
(Hong Kong, Korea, China, Japan, and the Philippines)

Begin commercializing MOGA Credit card terminal and Cards and Apps 
(Hong Kong, Korea, Japan)
MAINNET registration

Concert for children suffering from leukemia

MOGAD 1st incineration (donation) and MOGA conversion

MOGAD 2nd incineration (donation) and MOGA conversion

MOGAD 3rd incineration (donation) and MOGA conversion
MOGA platform registration, MOGAD TOKEN reissue (Non-distribute)

E x c h a n g e

Coming soon..


We are recruiting developers and investors to join us for the project.
We have seen a little hope, and your power will be our hope.